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Tune your ukulele fast by ear and by microphone! Uke Ukulele Tuner is a simple but full featured uke tuner for macOS created after it had become something of a habit to leave a memory-hungry, tracker intensive browser tab open on my Mac. A quick perusal of the App Store found that somehow there was no good native macOS ukulele tuner, a situation I was compelled to rectify. And here we are.

This uke tuner is a download on the Mac App Store which provides the standard, GCEA tuning in an efficient and effective package, with extra tunings unlockable via in app purchase for alternate tunings to suit sopranino/pocket ukulele, tenor ukulele, baritone ukulele, bass ukulele and contrabass ukulele. Simply click the pick to play a note (and if you've chosen to loop those notes click the same pick again to stop it). Any given tuning can also be transposed (pitch-shifted) up or down up to 5 semitones.

If you have any trouble using the app, you have any feature requests or you just want to gush about how great it is, please post on the forum:

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