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Download MacMiner for Mac OS X

N.B. - if the latest or beta version has a critical bug, please report it and use an older version

Versions for 10.7 Lion, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.11 El Capitan and 10.12 Sierra:

Version Notes
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MacMiner 1.5.57
Rare feature release!
Adds support for many coins to GPU miner window by adding sgminer backend
Supports the following algorithms/cryptocurrencies: Credits, Scrypt, NScrypt, Pascal, X11, X13, X14, X15, Keccak, Quarkcoin, Twecoin, Fugue256, NIST, Fresh, Whirlcoin, Neoscrypt, WhirlpoolX, Lyra2RE, Lyra2REV2, Pluck, Yescrypt, Yescrypt-multi, Blakecoin, Blake, Sia, Decred, Vanilla, Lbry and Sibcoin
new algo support is only for macOS 10.11+
This version is not properly codesigned as in the over a year since the last update standards have changed and I haven't bothered to move all the dependencies in to a Frameworks folder and try signing again. Just can't be bothered as it doesn't affect running the app, sorry! Compile from source if that's an issue for you. Right-click or ctrl-click and choose 'Open' to bypass gatekeeper warning.
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MacMiner 1.5.42
Rare feature release!
Adds Cryptonight/XMR CPU miner
(Known issue: Displays KH/s but means H/s)
Updates cURL
MacMiner 1.5.41
Rare bugfix release!
Finally fixes curly quotes problem in manual config edit
Fixes legacy pool config
MacMiner 1.5.40
Updates bfgminer to 5.4.2
MacMiner 1.5.31 Bug fix
Updates bfgminer to 5.3
MacMiner 1.5.25 with cgminer 4.9.2 Updates cgminer to version 4.9.2
MacMiner 1.5.25 Updates bfgminer to version 5.1
MacMiner 1.5.24 Updates bfgminer to version 5
Updates cgminer to version 4.9.1
minor changes I forgot as it's been a while - check the gitub for specific source changes!
MacMiner 1.5.22 beta versions have been discontinued due to lack of time for development
Updates bfgminer to version 4.10
Updates cgminer to version 4.8
minor changes I forgot as it's been a while - check the gitub for specific source changes!
MacMiner 1.5.21b3 beta version
Updates bfgminer to version 4.3
bfgminer adds zeusminer support
Adds support for X11/DarkCoin CPU mining
cpuminer for VTC has been recompiled
pooler cpuminer updated to 2.4
please do not enter a blank password for your pool, or MacMiner will crash on relaunch. This will be fixed in the next stable release.
MacMiner 1.5.20gm Necessary update for MobileMiner users
Updates bfgminer to latest from github which adds gridseed support
updates cgminer to 4.3.3
adds Gridseed setting in CPU Miner options
added sanity checks
MacMiner 1.5.18e Now feeds the GPU Miner to API Output and MobileMiner
Improves several app behaviours
Allows you to start the miner window you have in focus with command-S
Changes the SHA256d/Scrypt CPU miner back to Pooler's
Versions .18b and .18d are bug fix versions
MacMiner 1.5.17c Primarily improving recent additions
Allows old pool setup to set the new pool preference pane too
Allows you to start the miner window you have in focus with command-S
Adds a preference for update checking
Checks for updates periodically
Bug fixes and improvements
MacMiner 1.5.16b2 Adds GPU miner support for Vertcoin and MaxCoin!
Updates curl, jansson and libusb dependencies and adds new backends
Bug fixes and improvements
MacMiner 1.5.15 Adds CPU miner support for MaxCoin!
Changes pool settings buttons to link to new pool settings preferences.
Bug fixes and improvements
MacMiner 1.5.14c Adds CPU miner support for VertCoin VTC and QuarkCoin QRK!
New Pool settings panel in Preferences - for the moment in conjunction with legacy pool settings window
Improves update notifications to support 10.6 and links them to the 'Check for updates' menu item
Bug fixes and improvements
MacMiner 1.5.13 Improves update notifications to state current and available version and link to website
Updates cgminer to 3.12.3
Bug fixes and improvements
MacMiner 1.5.12 Adds logging to file as an option in FPGA/ASIC window settings
Now checks for updates on launch and sends a notification through the system on 10.8 and 10.9
Bug fixes and improvements
MacMiner 1.5.11b Important security fix
Other bug fixes and improvements
Updates cgminer to 3.12
MacMiner 1.5.10b Important bug fix for API Output window which caused it to stop refreshing
Other bug fixes and improvements
Updates bfgminer to 3.10
MacMiner 1.5.9b Windows now remember the last position they were in
New auto-start feature in preferences
Fixes MobileMiner Start and Stop buttons
1509b also contains an important fix for MobileMiner
MacMiner 1.5.8 Updates cgminer to 3.10 and bfgminer to the latest from Github
Allows MobileMiner to control FPGA/ASIC Window
MacMiner 1.5.7b Updates bfgminer with more of nwoolls fixes
bug fixes
many useability improvements
1.5.7b allows overclocking of antminer devices
MacMiner 1.5.6c Updates bfgminer with nwoolls fixes so it supports ice fury miners
bug fixes
MacMiner 1.5.5 Allows more than one networked miner to be monitored in the API Output window
Special thanks to Scott Holben for his help with this version
MacMiner 1.5.4 Important bug fix for API Output/MobileMiner users
Upgrade bfgminer and cgminer both to version 3.9
Little Fury driver enabled in bfgminer - this causes a conflict when using -S all with BFL hardware in which case you must use -S bfl:all
MacMiner 1.5.3 Primarily a bug fix release
Improves API Output table view
Aims to fix a bug where setting pool quota in the config file manually could cause a crash on launch
MacMiner 1.5.2 Allows CGMiner window to feed the API Output window
Allows the API Output window to function for your network miner regardless of whether you're mining on the machine running MacMiner
Allows networked miners in API Output window to feed MobileMiner
Removes spell-check lines from log views
MacMiner 1.5.1 Adds support for MobileMiner
MacMiner 1.5 Updates the GUI for a more refined appearance
Adds a preference for spoken warnings
Does away with the Sparkle updater framework
MacMiner 1.4.27 Fixes several bugs, adds spoken warnings of 0 hash rate and pool authorisation failure and prevents quit while miners are running
MacMiner 1.4.26 Updates bfgminer to 3.8.1 and cgminer to 3.8.5, as well as fixing a bug
MacMiner 1.4.25 Fixes to the network miner monitor in API Output and updates cgminer to 3.8.4
MacMiner 1.4.20 The last version in which cgminer supports CPU/GPU mining
MacMiner 1.3.17 Final release of 1.3 branch

Versions for 10.6 Snow Leopard:

Version Notes
MacMiner 1.5.18 for Snow Leopard All the awesome new features from the 1.5 branch! This version is as yet untested, please let me know how you get on 10.6 miners!
MacMiner 1.4 for Snow Leopard Legacy version. The cgminer and bfgminer backends in the 10.7+ distributions will work if used to replace those included with this app or run on their own at the command line.

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